Indiana Dunes National Park

I was introduced to the Indiana Dunes National Park back in the mid 70’s, just ten years after it was first established as a National Lakeshore. Since then, I’ve used my cameras to capture fleeting moments in an ever changing, evolving, and subtle landscape that not many have studied.  Over decades of observation, subtle connections between the human form and the natural landscape have revealed themselves.  Both the physical and color textures of the land are constantly appearing, changing, and then vanishing, many never to be seen again.  My early work was almost entirely B&W photography. More recently my digital captures have begun to explore the nuances of color in what at first appears to be a rather monochromatic environment.


It is a peaceful place and has always been a welcome refuge from noise and confusion.  One can watch and listen to the subtle world without interruption. That’s a healthy and valuable experience, and why our National Parks are so important.