"A word is not the thing, just as a map is not the terrain."


Yup, this is something we’re all experiencing and wondering about. Other questions too.

For a few  years some of us have been categorized by the powers that be as people who are unessential.  Why, I don’t pretend to understand nor wish to spend time in the sunset of my career trying to do so. Unique creativity helped Ellen and me create and nurture  a modest family, honoring ancestors on two different continents.

Mostly shut off from my established career at the beginning of the isolation, I decided to watch carefully.  That pause gave me an unprecedented opportunity to explore ideas that I’d said “no” to for a while.

So I did this wacky thing, you know, building an art gallery?  Like a seed emerging in harsh soil, you and I have one thing in common.  We know that each other exists and have permission to touch each other regardless of what someone else might say.  

For a healthy resurgence, if we try hard, that might be enough, don’t you think?


…a word is not the thing, just as a map is not the terrain…

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