"A word is not the thing, just as a map is not the terrain."

Digital Captures are not Photography

Photography uses a lens to record light patterns on a physical substrate that is then chemically  processed to produce a corporeal (physical) visual object.  That object is either displayed as is or is subsequently used to render these patterns in a limited array of ways that are also photo-chemically produced.

Digital Captures, (one form of digital art), use a lens to record light patterns as a series of 1’s and 0’s  that are saved in an electronic storage device.  ––These patterns have no initial physical existence. The patterns can then be mathematically manipulated in a nearly limitless number of ways.  They can be subsequently rendered in manners that can be corporeal, as in a traditional photo-chemical print, a giclée print, (pigments sprayed onto a substrate), a dye sublimation print (prints on metallic substrates), etc.  They may also be rendered without the creation of a physical object (e.g.: on a variety of electronic displays, smart phones being just one example).       

The art of photography and the art of digital capture are fundamentally different mediums.  They are as different from each other as pencil drawings are from lithographs.  Both use similar tools, and sometimes the resulting work in both mediums may take on a similar appearance however, a dog born in a stable is not a horse!

“Digital Photography” is an oxymoron that disrespects the unique identities of both mediums.

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