About Bruce Van Inwegen

For more than 35 years, I’ve been a professional documentarian of the constructed environment. I’ve been commissioned by architects, interior designers, and product manufacturers to interpret and depict their unique forms of art appearing in the world. 

I was classically trained in the use of large format photography. It was the medium of choice during the first dozen years of my career. Shortly after the turn of the century, I transitioned into the medium of digital capture. This freed me from the laborious process of photography and provided a vast array of new tools allowing for far more creativity and efficiency. The transition also compelled me to completely re-invent my business model since the old economic ways of photography didn’t translate well into a professional digital capture environment. 

Photography is still a beautiful and mature medium which created a consumer market whose participants still cling to many entrenched and outdated expectations and assumptions. Many of these assumptions are no longer valid in a digital capture environment. 

Digital capture is still a rapidly evolving medium that can stimulate new ways of thinking and seeing, not just by the artist using the tools, but also by those that commission the creation of such work for their use. 

Now that there are new avenues to explore, I spend as much as 1/3 of the creative process in front of the computer using a vast array of specialized tools to bring out nuances in my visual interpretations that were formerly out of reach of traditional photography. 

I still chase wild trout whenever I can.